And I thought it was a place for refuge / Travelling responsibly.

And it wasn’t, after all. Mt Kiltepan is now scarred because of this terrible scene. I used to think that places such as Mt Kiltepan are places worth spending time alone in. It’s like a place for those moments when you want to watch the world go by, clouds fly past you, and the sun shining its light on you. Then this happened:

0408-kiltepanFor a person like me who prefers alone time over “me and a lot of people” time, I find the scene truly horrific. (Enter someone exclaiming, “‘Tangina, arte mo!”) You see, this is basically the stuff of nightmares, travelling nightmares, that is. Travellers who wish to travel with no crowds following them around are travellers who will be overjoyed to see a beautiful place such as Mt Kiltepan and have it all for themselves.

Been reading some news sources lately that this has led to some drastic troubles: water shortage and heaping garbage. Folks, can we just treat picturesque, relaxing places like our own homes, or your friends’ houses, or other people’s houses? Leaving trash for the residents to pick is not something we’d want them to do. Using water and wasting it is another thing we’d rather not want to happen. After all, the water that is distributed to them is for residential and commercial use, and most especially for the irrigation of the rice terraces. Sad to read stories of women and men going to another house far from where they live just to get rations. That is totally unfair. Is it because of the movie “That Thing Called Tadhana” where the protagonist heads to Sagada to heal her broken heart? Let’s not always give in to “uso“. Mt Kiltepan has been existing since time immemorial, and watching the movie made you think about hiking up and do the same thing Angelica did in the movie? What took you so long, y’all?

Remember what happened to LaBoracay? Remember the Pope’s Visit? Trash were strewn everywhere as if we never had a care in the world. What hurts is that we always think that there will always be people who are recruited to pick the rubbish and clean after we go. This is not how we should operate.

“Leave no trace”, they said. We should. We should just leave the place as it is when we found it. If you found it in a sorry state, help fix it up.

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6 thoughts on “And I thought it was a place for refuge / Travelling responsibly.

      1. Pero ang pinakamahalaga ay disiplina! Bisita lang ang mga turista kaya dapat respeto naman. Well, uso ngayon ‘yong Sagada kaya dapat magkaro’n na ng stricter regulations ang local government nila ro’n. Lalo na’t maganda ‘yong lugar, ‘wag sana ma-overdevelop.

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